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Making Kids Do Their Age Appropriate Tasks

Our children will always be kids for us no matter how older they get. We love to pamper them and enjoy doing their work for them. We love to feed them even when they are capable of doing it on their own. However, it results in one big problem and that is their unwillingness to do anything on their own.

Being a mother makes us expert in multitasking, there are always thousands of chores to be done for us and we always have little time to finish everything. These days, there are servants in every house, as a result, we do not expect our children to do any of the household chores.

Kids these days are smart and are able to do much more, even then very little is asked from them when it comes to sharing responsibilities at home.

Many a times, it is our own laziness. We prefer doing all the work ourselves since it means that work done will be faster and to our satisfaction. But our goal is also to shape our children such that they take pleasure in contributing and taking up responsibilities. Although, making children do their age appropriate tasks would mean more work for the mothers but it is equally important for children to learn also.

We have to make them understand that everybody is responsible to clean up the mess that they’ve created. We can always give them a hand in cleaning and encouragement for doing it. If we support them in doing so, they will learn to take charge of their life.

If the rooms are messy, we immediately step up to clean it, which gives them a message that they can’t do it themselves. We must make them learn the responsibility for their actions, which will help them face many of the challenges later in life.

Initially, it seems hard as they will always find excuses of not doing any of the household chores. The best way is to do it is to make a schedule and practice it. Start by setting up the age appropriate tasks for the kids. We can also make a chart for it.

Set aside a few chores for the kids to do. The tasks should be such which should have an optimal level of difficulty. For this, there is a Goldilocks rule based on the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. It states that humans experience peak motivation when working on the tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. “ Not too hard, not too easy, just right.”

A few tips that can prove to be helpful in this regards are:

1. Start young-

Don’t think that they are too little to do any of the household chores. Even toddlers can perform simple tasks such as putting back their toys in place after playing.

2. Let them help-

Invite children to help you and let them learn that it’s a teamwork. It will help you spend time with them and a lesson for them to learn as to how to find a torch in a dark patch of life.

3. Show them the way-

Demonstrate and explain how to complete small tasks. Show them the right place of where the things belong.

4. Praise them-

Praise them while repeating the chores that they have performed, so that it doesn’t let them feel like work.

5. Don’t have high expectations-

When a kid does some chore, it may not be to your level of perfection. Don’t criticise. Recognise their efforts and the completion of task.

Assigning them and letting them do their age appropriate household chores will make them feel important. They will feel needed and helpful. If they learn to help now, they will be able to work hard in every field of their life later.

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My Baby’s Luxurious Bath Ritual

Mama Earth Product Review

 Recently, I received Mama Earth Baby Products’ sample kit from the brand. When I opened the box, I found a beautiful transparent zip pouch containing four Mama Earth Baby products. Three white small tubes and a little white bottle having pictures of cute baby animals, a different animal on every product, are very eye catching. Along with them I also received a mosquito repellent. I started reading the little booklet inside the kit which provides information about the brand and the products. I was impressed to know that these products are natural, safe and 100% toxin free. I was glad to know that these products are free from chemicals like parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petroleum and synthetic fragrances and dyes. Hmm! Interesting!

Mama Earth Mosquito Repellent

I took the mosquito repellent bottle at first. It has natural ingredients like castor oil, citronella oil, cedar essential oil, rosemary and other natural oils. However, the packaging does not mention whether it is a lotion or a spray and how it is to be used, whether it must be directly applied on skin or on clothes. I opened the bottle and decided to take a skin allergic test on myself. I never use any product on my kids without testing it on myself. I want to be sure of what I am using for them. So, I went ahead and sprayed a little on my wrist. I rubbed it gently on my skin and waited for a few hours. It smells purely of citronella oil and does not cause any irritation. At night, I decided to use it for my kids. There was no irritation and they slept all night peacefully without complaining of any mosquito bites.

The next day, I decided to bathe my toddler with the products that I had received since after using the mosquito repellent I was quite satisfied with the brand. When I showed my baby her new bathing products she was very excited. I showed pictures of the animals and made stories while using the products one by one. She was happy to have new animal friends with her during bath time.

mama earth mosquito repellent

Mama Earth Soothing Massage oil

The massage oil is 100% natural. Its key ingredients are: cold pressed Sesame seed oil, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil. The oil is a little thick and non- greasy. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin leaving a gentle fragrance behind. The skin instantly becomes soft and supple. It is non- sticky and spreads easily while massaging. My munchkin enjoyed her massage thoroughly and felt energetic immediately after that.

Mama Earth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

My baby’s hair is very dry and I usually apply a little oil after washing them. I found Mama Earth’s shampoo very gentle. It does not irritate the eyes. The shampoo has aloe Vera extract, vegetable glycerine and lavender essential oil as one of the key ingredients. A little quantity is sufficient as it is thick and forms good lather with water. It gently cleanses the hair and nourishes them. After drying, I noticed there was no need to apply oil on her hair. Her hair looked soft and well nourished. There was a gentle fragrance and a healthy shine in her hair. Her hair was not dry at all after washing. Comb went through smoothly in her hair even without oil.

Mama Earth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

My baby’s skin is very dry and sensitive. Her skin develops rashes immediately after bathing with even the most well-known branded soaps and body wash. Mama Earth Body Wash has vitamin E, Aloe Vera extract, vegetable glycerine and orange essential oil as its key ingredients. It is certified toxin free and hypoallergenic. A little quantity makes good lather. It is extremely gentle and nourishing. There was no skin or eye irritation while using it. After the bath, her skin looked very soft, supple and nourished. There was no dryness or itchiness which she usually feels after every bath. It has mild fragrance and leaves the skin very smooth and soft.

Mama Earth Moisturizing Daily Lotion

My baby’s bath time ritual is never complete without a body lotion. The last product remaining in our kit was the Moisturizing Daily lotion. The baby lotion has Shea Butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, calendula extract, vitamin e, and chamomile oil as its key ingredients. It spreads easily and gets quickly absorbed in the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It nourishes the skin very gently and is non-sticky. No more dryness and itchiness for my little angel now. The healthy glow on the skin is immediately noticeable.

mama earth products


My angel loved her bath ritual so much that she took her Mama Earth baby Product kit with her while sleeping at night. The next morning, she wanted to take a bath as soon as she got up. My baby’s bath time has become more fun filled and loving with the gentle touch of Mama Earth.  Mama Earth products are no less than a mother’s love.

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एक माँ की शंका, एक माँ का भरोसा



माँ बनना एक अलग ही एहसास है। बहुत सी भावनाएँ, बहुत सी शँकाएं और बहुत सारी खुशियों से जैसे मन भर सा जाता है। हर दिन कुछ नए भाव, कुछ नए विचार और कुछ नए सपनों के बारे में सोचती हुई, एक औरत अपने आने वाले बच्चे कि तैयारियाँ करती है।


हर औरत की तरह मैं भी अपने होने वाले बच्चे के लिए बहुत उत्साहित थी। जब खाना खाने लगती, तब सोचती क्या जो मैं खाने जा रही हूँ, वो मेरे बच्चे के लिए सही है? सीड़ियाँ चड़ते व उतरते समय, खास सावधानी बर्तना। हर कदम बहुत सावधानी से रखना। सब कुछ अब बहुत अलग व नया सा लगता था। पहले बाज़ार जाने पर अपने लिए कुछ नई वस्तु तुरंत भा जाती थी, पर अब बाज़ार जाने पर अपने बच्चे के लिए कुछ लेने का मन करता था।


एक दिन मेरी माँ मुझे बता रहीं थी कि कैसे मेरे होने के समय, उन्होने सारी तैयारियाँ खुद  थीं। अपने बच्चों के कपड़े वे खुद सिलती, स्वेटर भी वे खुद ही बुनती, लंगोट भी वे खुद ही बनाती थी। उनकी ये बातें सुनकर दिल भाव विभोर हो उठा। मेरे भी दिल में आया कि मैं भी अपने बच्चे के लिए करूं कुछ खास। आखिर इसी को तो ममता कहते हैं।


बाज़ार से बहुत सामान लिया, पर फिर भी मन में था कि कुछ खुद भी बनाऊँ। फिर क्या था , कपड़ा, फोम, मलमल, इत्यादि , सभी कुछ ले आई। और खुद ही अपने हाथों से बिछौने व लंगोट बनाए।


इस सभी उत्साह के बीच, कुछ शंकाए भी दिल में उठने लगी। क्या ये सभी वस्तुएं साफ एवं स्वच्छ हैं? किसी ने सलाह दी कि बच्चे के कपड़ो को अच्छे से धो कर धूप में सुखाने चाहिए, पर मुझे लगा की क्या सिर्फ धोना ही काफी होगा? जब बात संपूर्ण स्वच्छता व बच्चे की सुरक्षा की हो तो सिर्फ एक ही नाम याद आया: डेटोल।


सभी ने कहा कि झुकने का काम हम तुम्हें नही करने देंगे।  तब सासू माँ व ससुर जी आगे आए। दादी दादा जो बनने वाले थे। बच्चे के सभी लंगोट, बिछौने व कपड़े डेटोल में भिगो कर धोए गए। तब मन संतुष्ट हुआ।


फिर वो दिन आया। मेरी नन्ही परी का जन्म हुआ। घर खुशियों से भर गया। आज भी उसकी स्वच्छता व सुरक्षा के लिए डेटोल का सैनिटाइज़र व हाथ धोने का लिक्विड उसके बस्ते में हमेशा रखती हूँ।


कुछ दिन पूर्व, mycity4kids और डेटोल के सहयोग से हुई मुलाकात में डाक्टर वज़ीर ने नवजात शिशुओं की स्वच्छता की एहमियत बताई तब लगा कि उस वक्त की मेरी शंकाए गलत न थी। डाक्टर ने बताया कि घर में किसी को ज़ुकाम, खाँसी कि शिकायत हो तो वे नवजात शिशु को न छुएं। शिशु को उठाने से पूर्व हाथ अवश्य धोंए। सभी मेहमानों के लिए भी ज़रूरी है कि बच्चे को हाथ लगाने से पूर्व हाथों की स्वच्छता का ध्यान रखें।


अंत में बस इतना ही कहना चाहूंगी कि एक मां की शंका और एक माँ का भरोसा कभी गलत नही होता। इसी सिलसिले में एक चलचित्र दिखाना चाहूँगी, ज़रूर देखियेगा।


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Toilet Museum: A Unique but Interesting Place


With the schools being closed for session end break, kids become desperate to go out somewhere. Mycity4kids is my first choice when it comes to searching for resources for children. Scrolling down the ‘Fun Places to go with kids’ section, my eye fell on this place called Toilet Museum. “Curious! Toilet museum?  Is there even a place by the name in Delhi? Hmm!” my mind began wondering. I read further about it. The pictures looked not so interesting at first but my curious mind was not ready to give up so easily.

To convince everybody to go there was not easy. Kids these days are more attracted to the electronics games and play areas in the malls which provide them instant pleasure and rewards. Finally, I managed to convince them and we visited the Toilet Museum on a Sunday afternoon.

The place did not look very exciting at first situated in a very congested area of the city. However, it is very neat and well maintained from inside. A big hall holds various photographs, information, sanitation artefacts and different models of toilets from as early as 3000 BC. The place is run by Sulabh International, an NGO working for the cause of global sanitation. Outside the hall, there are various models of Sulabh toilets constructed by the organisation in various parts of our country as well as around the world.

Sulabh toilets works on the decomposition of human excreta thus saving the environment from getting polluted. The organisation people told us about how apart from the sanitation facilities, they are working consistently on saving water and managing and turning human excreta into useful resources.

For a smaller scale, Sulabh toilets are connected to two pits where the waste gets collected and is kept covered for two years. During these two years, the waste gets decomposed and gets converted into manure which is then used for agricultural purposes.

On a larger scale, the Sulabh toilets are constructed in such a way where the waste then gets collected in a bigger underground pit. The pit is covered is covered with mud and plants are grown on it. The pit relates to pipes leading to three other sections. The solid form of the waste is converted to manure, the gases are collected in a huge gas container. The gas coming out from this waste is methane gas which is very harmful for the environment. Therefore, this gas cannot be released into the atmosphere. The gas is collected in the biogas container and from there it is used to light bulbs, generator and cooking purposes in the kitchen. The gas gets consumed leaving no pollution behind. The liquid is treated, purified and cleansed from all the impurities and used for irrigation purposes within the premises of the museum.

The place proved out to be very interesting. The visit turned out to be educational and knowledgeable. Toilet museum surely is worth a visit.

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5 Tips to Teach Kids the Value of Money

Yesterday I went to the market to buy groceries with my toddler and she insisted me on buying a surprise egg. It was the same as the one she already has. I tried to distract her and made many excuses.  My attempts to avoid buying it only made her crying for it. Her howling in the market was so embarrassing that I had to buy her the surprise egg that she wanted.

Every time we go to the market we end up buying things for our kids that they don’t need. Everything is in abundance in our houses these days. Children already have more than they require. Plenty of toys that they don’t even look at. Plenty of books that fail to attract them. Clothes more than they can wear. Unworn shoes that they have outgrown.  With effect children, don’t value things that they have. They never even realise how much hard work has gone in earning the money that has been wasted in buying all those things lying unused.

So, how should we teach them the value of money. As a parent, I am also trying to teach them the same. Here is how I am trying it:

  1. Take them along to the market:

When we take them along to the market, we must tell them the price of the things that they ask for and give them a choice between two things. We should encourage them to make a wise choice and buy something which is more worthy and useful. Sometimes, distract them from what they are asking and make excuses (though it seldom works).

  1. Story telling

Stories are a great way of explaining and teaching them life lessons. Children relate to stories. Sometimes telling them stories from real life examples is also a good way to make them understand life lessons. Kids usually love stories from their parent’s childhood, start something with “when we were children…” and you see they are all ears for it (mine often fall for this one).

  1. Letting them learn from the less privileged ones

I remember how one day my elder one noticed a labourer’s little girl peeing behind a car. My daughter could notice how that little girl was hesitant and looking around for a private spot to pee. My daughter said, “mom, I think I am really lucky to have a house and a good family. I have everything I need. That poor girl does not even have a house and cannot even go to toilet. She does not have even basic facilities like clothes, food and house.”

  1. Emotional blackmailing

Take the opportunity of their father coming late from the office to explain to them the reason behind his working hard and over time. When they learn that their father works hard to earn money to buy things that they want, they will learn to value it.

  1. Pocket money

Give them pocket money but give them less then they need. Here is a story in relation to it. A young man and an old man planted a tree in their gardens. The young man gave the tree plenty of water and manure but the old man gave it only the required amount of water and manure. The young man’s tree grew to be very strong and robust one but the old man’s tree looked very average. One night there was a heavy rain and gust of wind. The next morning, the young man found his tree uprooted but the old man’s tree stood there as it was. The young man asked the old man how did it happen. The old man’s reply is a lesson for all of us.

“Look young man, you had supplied everything in abundance and the plant did not have to go in search of it. Your roots did not have to go down. I was supplying just enough to keep it alive. For the rest the plant had to go down into the ground to fulfil its needs. Since your roots were superficial, the rain and wind could easily fell it. Since my roots were pretty deeply grounded, they could withstand the onslaught of nature.”

The same applies to our children too. Provide them less and let them learn to fend for themselves. Providing everything in abundance will only make them unable to learn to provide for themselves.





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The New and Improved Step Mother

The New and Improved Step Mother

Recently, there was an article in the newspaper, showing celebrities having fun with their step children. The image of a step mother has always been portrayed as someone who is extremely cruel and carries loads of hatred in her heart towards her step children. The step mother has always been shown in a very negative light in films or in stories that we have grown up watching and reading.  The word ‘step mother’ itself reminds us of Shashi Kala, Manorama, Lalita Pawar and Aruna Irani inflicting cruelties and showing nasty deeds towards their innocent step children. We can also never forget the age-old portrayal of the wicked step mother in stories like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel and Gretel, where the step mother leaves no stone unturned to make the life hell for her stepchildren.

This recent article shows the changing attitude of a step mother towards her step children: Maanyata Dutt sharing a picture of hers with Sanjay Dutt’s daughter, Trishala; Kareena Kapoor who said in an interview, “Sara’s my bar hopping partner”; the happy family picture of Kiran Rao and Amir Khan’s daughter, Ira. It shows a wind of change. The step mother whom we have always believed to be an evil one is changing.

The media has always played a very important role in forming images in our minds. Bollywood movies and celebs have never failed to inspire us and becoming our role models. This little step will help in changing our perception towards the stereotypical step mother and the new family set up.

Being a mother myself, I fail to believe how can any mother be cruel towards her children or anybody else’s children. A child is a child, be it ours or any other’s. Bollywood movies always depicted that whenever a step mother scolded her step child, she was immediately blamed wicked and having no love for her step child. Just because a mother scolds her child does not mean that she does not love him or she is doing so because the child is not hers. She might be doing so with good intentions and for the betterment of the child.

The minute a child complains to his father that his second wife scolded him, she was immediately regarded as a bad step mother taking out her frustrations on the innocent child. This attitude disrupts the harmony of a family. The new mother might be genuine in her ways and clean at heart. To label her as a bad step mother is entirely wrong and unjust towards her.

Indeed, it is easy for the Bollywood celebs and very often important also to present themselves in a positive light. They do not have to take care of their kids and do daily household chores like the others. The children from their husband’s previous wife are also grownups and smart.  By presenting themselves in this way they are giving a new definition to the step mother tag, that of a ‘friend’. It will help in creating a healthier and happier picture in the minds of people change the stereotypical image of the stepmother.

A grownup child does not accept the second wife of his father so easily but if he is able to bond with her in a friendly way, it will help in creating a balance in the family. To establish such cordial relations, it is important to have a broad and open mind set on the part of both the husband and the wife. Once established it will benefit everybody.

One can only wish that such examples inspire people in a positive way and we can see more and more families living happily and harmoniously.