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Mother Sparsh Water Wipes – A Product Review


Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are the purest wipes I have used so far. They have extra moisture and do not cause any irritation on a baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is far more delicate and sensitive than an adult. Even while using a wet wipe one must be very careful. Many wipes have alcohol contents and have a soapy feeling which would make me worry about the effect of their chemicals on my baby’s skin.

Key ingredients:

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are enriched with Vitamin E. it has purified water, aloe-vera extract, glycerine and jojoba oil as its key ingredients. They are paraben and alcohol free. These are 98% water wipes.

Why Do I Recommend:

I remember when my children were born, my mother had given me a bag full of soft muslin cloth cut pieces which she had washed and sanitised at home very carefully. She told me to dip those muslin cloth pieces in water and use it as disposable wipes for cleaning my new born babies. These wipes are as good as a cotton ball or a soft muslin cloth dip in water. Now, when I use it for my toddler, I feel as if I am again using those muslin cloth pieces dipped in water that I used to do earlier.

Value for Money:

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are worth their price. It comes in a pack of 80 wipes and are reasonably priced. With the complete effectiveness that it provides, we just need to use one or two wipes at a time. So, a complete value of money.

For more products and enquiry:


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Make Summer Days the Days of Fun Learning With These Fun Activities

Art and Craft Activities for Summer Holidays

It’s a big challenge to keep our little ones busy at home. Children these days are very smart and more aware than their previous generation. They are so active and bubbling with energy that it’s a real challenge to make them sit at a place for some time. A teacher by profession and a stay at home mom by choice, I always found art and craft activities as my best pal to keep the children busy in their free time both in classroom and at home.

Let me share a few such activities which we can enjoy and help our little ones learn at home: –

  1. Making “My Own Little Books”-

When my daughter was three years old, we created our very own book of textures by which I taught her not only about textures but also inculcated in her a love for books. We took small pieces of different materials like cotton cloth, aluminium foil, card board, wool, silk cloth and more such things having a different feel. We pasted them in separate sheets of paper and wrote all the words that sprang up in our minds under their names. For example- wool: shaggy, coarse, warm etc. We wrote words which related to their look and feel. We decorated the sheets and tied them together with ribbon.

This activity helped her in various ways. It helped in increasing her vocabulary, her knowledge related to various textures and materials, her creativity was enhanced and it directed her energy in the construction of an object as opposed to destruction which kids usually do.

Like this can be My Book of Birds, Insects, animals, numbers etc. In creating My Book of Birds and Insects, we included several other activities like picture colouring of birds, join the dots to make a bird, match the columns, odd one out etc. We pasted pictures of birds, their wings and learnt about their types. The best part of these activity is that it benefits a child in multiple ways.              

  1. Creating “My Best Mate- Dice”-

In this activity, we made a pair of dice. One can use a big cardboard box or paste cardboard sheets together to form a cube. Paste coloured paper on each side. With a coloured sketch pen write numbers or cut coloured paper in the shape of numbers and paste. Write the numbers from 0-5 on one dice and numbers 5-9 and 0 on the other dice. Various number games can be played with the help of these homemade dice. They can be used for teaching numbers, counting and recognition, big and small numbers, throw the dice and jump or clap according to that number, which number comes before and which comes after. It provides a fun activity at the same time increases their constructive abilities. One can think of more number games with these dice.

number dice

  1. Numbering the stairs-

Our house was at the second floor, we numbered all the stairs with paints. Learning numbers was so much fun with those numbered stairs. Any number of games could be played on those stairs. Of course, we need to be very careful while playing on the stairs but if played carefully and cautiously it can be great fun. Take a ball and tell the child to throw it on a specific number, go to this number or that, etc. If the child is old enough to be careful on the stairs then one can teach other mathematical concepts like forward counting, backward counting. The cardboard dice can also be used to play on numbered stairs. For example, throw the dice and tell the child to go to that number. Tell the child to do some funny action like clap his hands or roar like a lion as he reaches that specific numbered stair.

numbered stairs

These activities help in keeping the child away from the gadgets, it also helps in his all-round development, they allow learning by doing, provide concept clarity and fun while they learn. Although, it does take a lot of effort on a mother’s part but it does benefit the child in more than one way. I enjoyed doing these activities with my daughter and she had fun too. They also helped in building up our bond. On my part, I was teaching her; on her part, she was playing with me.

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Boys or Girls: Responsibility and Manners to be Equal for Both

I met Mrs Sharma, our neighbour, after a very long time. An old lady, around sixty, she is very sweet and kind. I asked her wellbeing and where she was for the past few days. She replied that she had gone to London for a wedding. Just then, her grand daughter who is about twelve years came crying. She had gone to the park to play and was hit by a football by a group of boys who were playing nearby.
She went to call her father, Mrs Sharma’s son in law, who lives in a flat opposite to them. Mrs Sharma told me that it is not the first time when, Sanya, her granddaughter was hit by their ball. They are actually very naughty and don’t bother about others who are there in the park.

She added by saying, “Ajkal ke buchche to sunte hi nahi ( kids these days don’t listen). Even we have raised kids but they never misbehaved so much. Parents these days are working and have a lot of money, so they pamper their children with everything. They don’t say anything to their children with effect they become irresponsible and careless.”

She then narrated to me an incident that happened in London. She told me that during her stay at her sister in law’s house, she had an altercation with her nephew. Her nephew’s son who is about ten years old is very naughty. Whenever Mrs Sharma and her husband sat in the drawing room to watch TV, he would come running to play on his Xbox. He would not let them watch TV or for that matter sit in their drawing room.

He played aggressive games, made loud noises and jump on the sofas which would make it difficult for them to sit in that room. He is her nephew’s only son and is pampered by everybody in the house. It continued for two three days and when she couldn’t tolerate it anymore she called her nephew.

She said that I told him why don’t you teach him some manners. He doesn’t even respect us or let’s us sit. To which her nephew replied, “Apko kya pata bete palne kitne mushkil hote hai, apki to betiyan hai na. Ladke to aise hi hote hain .”( How do you know, how difficult it is to raise sons, you have daughters. Boys are like this only.)

She said, “beti ho ya beta, tameez to sabko aani chahiye. ( everybody should have manners be it a son or a daughter). If they don’t learn to behave now, what will they do when they grow up? You can’t allow him, to do anything, be it wrong, just because he is a boy. When he grows up he will do such things which will make your head droop. Then what will you do?”

Her nephew said, “He is just a kid, he will learn on his own when he grows up. That’s how boys are.”

She was very disturbed by that incident. She said if we don’t raise our children responsibly and teach them the right values now, they grow up to become irresponsible and careless youths later and do such things which makes their parents feel ashamed. If we say that “buchche hain, bade ho kar apne ap seekh jaenge,” ( kids learn on their own when they grow up), then we are utterly wrong.

I thought how right she was. How many times we let our children do away with their wrong behaviour by saying that they are kids, they will learn as they grow up. If we let them do away anything and everything they like, then they will never learn to become responsible.

We, as wives, often complain that our husbands never help us with household chores or respect us as an individual but as mothers never bother to teach our children to contribute in household chores or for that matter being sensitive towards others.

Whether boys or girls, we have to teach our children to be more respectful, responsible and obedient. I have read about mother’s who teach even their sons to participate in household chores but for the majority, girls are trained to take care of the house and boys are not supposed to do anything in the house. They are raised with an attitude that they are the superior race and can do anything that they like even from the very beginning. Not only the boys, the girls also need to be taught the same values and learn to become self dependent and respectful. May be that is the reason of the marital problems that we face later in our lives.  

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Unleash Your Child’s Imagination and Get Ready for a Surprise

This Mother’s Day was very memorable for me. My daughter wanted to make something special for me. She wanted to keep it as a secret for me. For every art and craft activity, usually it’s me who helps her out. On Mother’s Day, she was planning a surprise for me. She decided to take the help from her father. 

“Papa, I want to give a surprise to mom for Mother’s Day.” My daughter told him.

“Sure darling. What are you planning?” asked my husband.

“Papa, I want to make a Mother’s Day card for her. Can you help me?” she replied. “Papa, I don’t know how to make it. Mom, always helps me in Arts and Craft, but I don’t want to take her help. I want to keep it as a secret from her. Please, Papa, help me in making a card for her.” She added.

My husband surfed the net and showed a few templates to her on his phone. She tried to draw by looking at it but found it difficult. The result was also not upto her satisfaction. My husband then took a printout of that template for her and gave it to her. Our HP IA 3700 series printer is so handy and sleek, we can take out printouts even from our phones. She was happy to get the template. She coloured and decorated it herself.

She brought the card and gave it to me. It was the most beautiful card. I could not even believe that she made the card herself without taking any help from me. Her choice of colours and ideas of decoration were so beautiful that I got the card framed and placed it in our drawing room.

Children these days are extremely talented and intelligent. They just need a little assistance from our side to bring out their talents to their full potential. Earlier, we always needed to go to the markets to buy cards and taking out printouts for our homework projects but these days having a printer at home is a blessing. With so much work and projects to be done, going to the markets for printouts is sheer waste of time. Having an all in one printer for wireless printings is a must these days for fulfilling the educational and creative needs of our children. A little backing up with technology, makes a lot easier for kids to make their projects on their own and to put their imagination on paper.

Children are full of ideas and imagination. They face difficulty in putting it down on paper coherently. A little technological assistance helps them come up with amazing results. With the summer vacations on, kids need to be kept busy at home in a constructive manner, so that they watch less TV. Providing them with templates for art and craft activities, colouring pages and worksheets for various subjects can keep them engaged for hours. So, this summer vacations, let your child unleash their imaginations and come up with surprises for you.

Watch this little video and see how your little ones can bring surprises for you.

This blog was first published as a sponsored story for HP IA 3700 Series on

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Dealing With Aggression in Kids

Children these days are very smart and intelligent. Inspite of their intelligence they are showing highly aggressive behaviours. As a mother, it is really painful to see your little bud turning out to be a defiant. Motherhood is the most beautiful gift of God.

We keep thinking about and analysing our mothering skill. We try our best to make our children good human beings. It is our constant endeavour to inculcate good values in our kids.

Our jobs become tougher when our child is a little more difficult to handle than others. It becomes very challenging when our child displays aggression or defiance. We keep telling them to do something and they will pick up a fight instead of completing the task with obedience. It leaves us defeated when we get everything like yelling, backfiring, arguing, anger but not obedience.

Think of a scenario like this: the child comes back from school, throws the bag in one corner, the shoes go flying and land in a thud. The socks are rolled down and thrown on the sofa. The belt is thrown on the floor and after creating all the mess the child sits in front of the television. How will you react in a situation like this?

The immediate impulse of the mother is to shout and scold the child to put the things properly at their place, wash his hands and face and have lunch. What will be the child’s reaction? He would either increase the volume of the television or start yelling back. Result? More yelling and backfiring. In the end, the mother gets defeated.

I would not say that I have won my battle. I am trying too. Parenting is about trials and errors. Some trials bring out positive results while some prove to fail. I would like to share here a few of my trials which have succeeded.

a) Acknowledgement and appreciation

Always acknowledge and appreciate even the smallest good effort of your child. Don’t miss out any opportunity to tell him or her that he or she is wonderful for he or she truly is.

b) Stick to your word

If you have asked your child to put away his or her own things at a place then reminding every 5 minutes is futile. It will only result in arguments and complaining.

c) Encourage better decision making

The child is strong willed. He or she knows what he or she wants. There is no point in telling him or her again and again. Do make him or her understand his or her choice. Let the child know what he or she is capable of doing and encourage him or her to make right choices.

d) Positive reinforcement is a must

Along with appreciation, your expressions matter too. This means that while you are encouraging a good behaviour, you must reinforce it with the excitement in you tone and enthusiasm on your face. This lets the child know that he is getting appreciation.

e) Justified punishment

Punishment should not make the child feel as if he or she has done a crime. The punishments should be justified to the extent that they realise their mistake and learn out of it. It should not make him or her feel demoralised. Remember punishments might turn them more defiant and defiant and fearless.

f) Rewards

If you follow the rule of punishment, then have a reward system too. Sometimes, even the toughest child learns out of reward than from punishment. Rewards make the defiant more confident of their accomplishments. They feel pleased and encouraged with rewards.

g) Keep calm

Yelling back doesn’t control the situation, instead it will only worsen it. The more calm and peace you show, the more the child will learn to deal with his anger and emotions with peace.

Each child is different and every parent has his or her own way of dealing. It might seem hard and difficult but one should never give up. If one way doesn’t work then keep trying other ways.

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My Baby’s First Bath Time Story

After trying for a few months, when finally, we came to know that we are going to have a baby, our happiness knew no bounds. There were mixed emotions in me, sometimes I would be happy and sometime I would worry as to how I will take care of the baby. A few months went by, and I felt my baby’s kicks. My husband, putting a hand on my tummy said, “hi, darling, it’s your papa. Can you hear me?” To my amazement, there was a kick. Feeling thrilled, he continued, “come on, baby doll, give me a high five!” I interrupted, “it can be a boy.” To which he said, “don’t interrupt us, it’s me and my daughter’s time.” I felt tears rolling down my eyes, to see my husband transforming into a caring father. I felt assured and my worries immediately faded away. I knew I had my husband to depend upon.

Time flew by and I was taken to hospital. I remember, just after the delivery, doctor told me, “oh my god, you have such a beautiful baby girl!” One look at her face and I was dazed. She was so beautiful and delicate just like a cotton bundle. I slept peacefully.

 A few hours later, nurses came to take me to the room. One nurse was pushing my wheelchair and another one was carrying my baby. At the end of the corridor, all my family members were waving at us. My husband was there, eagerly waiting with a camera ready in his hands. He started clicking us, the excitement clearly visible in his eyes. He made me feel so special and important. In those dishevelled hair, hospital gown, tired and haggard as I was, I felt like a beauty queen walking on the ramp being clicked by photographers. He was constantly waving at me and showing me a thumbs up. His eyes saying it all.

He waited impatiently when he could take the baby in his hands as all the family members were admiring her. Finally, he got his chance, he took her carefully in his arms and sat down. He kept looking in her eyes and my little girl also kept looking at him. It was as if both of them were engrossed in deep conversation completely oblivious of the world. I still hold that moment dearly in my heart.

Papa’s darling followed him in the room with her sparkling eyes and papa enjoyed every bit of it. There was bountiful playfulness and glee all around.

It was time for her first bath one day and I was scared! I felt that she would slip from my hands. We had her baby bath tub, which we felt was too big for our cotton ball. My husband suggested that we should give her first bath in our bedroom, so I was asked to gather all the requisites there.

I spread her sheets on the bed, where there was a very gentle sunlight coming in from the window as if the sun was blessing and welcoming our baby in this beautiful world. My husband gave me another surprise by giving me a Johnsons and Johnsons baby bath collection. I felt a certain sense of togetherness and thanked God for blessing me with the baby and such a good husband. I gave her a very gentle massage with the baby oil, to which she responded happily.

There were three of us ready for our baby’s first bath; me, my husband and Johnsons &Johnsons. I tried to put her in her bath tub and she curled herself up, as if refusing to sit in it. Daddy dear got her cue and said, “I will hold her in my hands while you pour water.” Our naughty little princess settled herself happily in papa’s hands and started enjoying her new entertainment show being broadcasted by daddy. I felt confident now. My girl was completely at ease in her father’s hands and was ready for her first bath. Her first bath brought us all closer and bonded us as a family.

After the bath she looked all the more bright and beautiful, it was as if a little shining star was gleaming in our room. Our little shining star has filled our lives with her radiance and illuminated our world. Each day is filled by her smiles and laughter.


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My Diapering Journey: Trials and Errors to an Assured One With Pampers

My diapering journey during my elder one was that of trials and errors. Being a new mother I had no idea whether I should use cloth nappies or diapers? Is it alright to use a diaper twenty hours for the baby? Which brand is the best? Totally confused I tried almost everything. In the beginning, I used cloth nappies. For the initial days in summers it went fine. Since I was at home and looking after my daughter on my own, I managed somehow.

Then, came the most dreaded first winters of my baby. With winters on, I could not even think of cloth nappies. I then tried diapers of various brands, some would leak and some would cause rashes. Some were so expensive that changing them frequently would mean a hole in the pocket. Sometimes, when my husband offered to change her diapers, our baby’s kicks resulted in ripping off the tapes and my husband could not manage it.

My family planned a short trip to Vaishnodevi by train. I was much tensed. A friend of mine suggested nappy pads for my daughter. They were cheap but I had to change them frequently. I remember, we were going by train at night. I had to wake up after every 2-3 hours to change them for the fear of wetness. I could not sleep at night in train as I was constantly worried that the nappy pads might leak and she would get wet. With frequent changing of nappy pads, my daughter also couldn’t sleep comfortably at night and was very cranky. We reached our destination. But my lack of sleep at night and constant botheration with nappy pads did not let me enjoy my trip. It made my baby crankier. After that I decided to not go anywhere out for a vacation till the time she grows a bit more and gets toiled trained.

When she was a little older, I got Pampers Premium Pants. They helped me a lot. It made toilet training very easy. She did not get any rash and was very happy to wear it. Pampers Pants is more convenient to be worn by the baby and helps a lot during the toilet training period. It does not leak and there is no need to change it frequently. I could use it for her all through the day and night. She was a happy baby and I was a happy mother. Now, both of us could comfortably sleep at night and enjoy ourselves during the day.

When my younger daughter was born, I made up my mind that I would use Pampers Premium Pants only and nothing else. I used Pampers Pants for my younger one right from the very beginning. I was very sure from my past experiences that it would neither leak nor cause diaper rashes to my baby. My husband, who is a hands-on father, easily and conveniently changes the diapers of my younger one. It is no more a mess and does not have the inconvenience of tapes.

One day my husband planned a trip to Jim Corbett. I could recall my past experience but I was confident this time that Pampers diapers would not make my trip a nightmare. I went ahead with full confidence that I would not face those troubles any more. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. There were no hassles of diaper leaks or the need to change them frequently. My younger one remained comfortable throughout the trip and I was happy too.

Sometime back I switched to new Pampers Premium Pants. It is all the better. Let me tell you about its special features that makes it the best for your baby.

1. Soft breathable material

The material of the new Pampers Premium Pants is so soft and breathable that it kept my babies’ skin dry and soft and allows it to breathe.

2. All around waistband and soft cuffs

The all-around waistband and cuffs helps secure diapers around the baby’s waist comfortably. It does not restrict the movement of the baby. It is extremely comfortable to put on and can be taken off easily just like cloth pants.

3. Up to 12 hours of dryness

These pants are designed in such a way that it absorbs the liquid and quickly converts it into gel leaving the surface dry. The baby’s skin remained dry for as long as twelve hours. It also means that one needs only 2-3 diapers per day which makes them pocket friendly.

4. Body lotions

The core of the diapers and the inner layers are filled with body lotions which keeps the baby’s skin moisturized as well.

5. Wetness indicator

Now this is what I call an amazing feature! Pampers Premium Pants is a wetness indicator in these diapers which turns blue indicating it’s time to change the diaper.

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Mama Earth now for the mama too: Mama Earth Product Review


Sometime back I started using Mama Earth products for my daughter. The baby care product range is so soft and gentle that I immediately fell in love with it. The products are completely toxin free and have no harmful chemicals in them. The gentle and pure nature of the products made me wonder if only I could get to use some products of the similar nature for myself. If only there could be some product range for mothers which is also toxin free and has no harmful chemicals. Even if we try to use some “natural” or “herbal” products for ourselves we can never be sure that these are 100% natural or safe for our skin. But Mama Earth seems to have captured me thoughts. They have come up with an entire range of care products for mothers too.

Just like the baby care range, this new range of products, which has been especially designed for expectant and new mothers, is also 100%natural and toxin free. I was shocked to know that more than 200 chemicals were found in the umbilical cord as suggested by a study. Of course, we do not want that for our babies.

Recently, I received a kit by the brand containing Mama Earth Calming Body Wash, Mama Earth Nourishing Body Lotion and C3 Face Mask. The kit comes in the form of a beautiful multipurpose blue and green bag with several pockets ideal for travel purposes. The soft white packaging of the products is very eye catching. Like the baby care range, this range is also free from sulfates, parabens and mineral oil. I tried all the products and am sharing a review of the products that I received.


C3 Face Mask

This face mask is what I liked the most. It has charcoal, coffee and clay. It is loaded with minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. It helps stimulates blood circulation. It has aloe vera which helps in reducing melanin in the body. Its main ingredient coffee helps in stimulating blood flow and removes toxins which further helps in reducing blemishes. The mask has a soft and creamy texture. After applying, it has a very cooling effect on the skin. The cooling effect is extremely soothing in the prevailing summer heat. The mask can be applied for ten to fifteen minutes. It does not leave the skin dry, rather makes it soft and supple. The cooling lasts for quite some time. The glow which it brings on the skin is very noticeable.


Calming Body Wash

The Calming Body Wash has natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Geranium Essential Oil. A little quantity is sufficient to make good lather. The body wash is very soft and gentle. It has an awesome fragrance lasts for a longer time. The body wash does not make the skin dry. It helps in maintaining the natural moisture of the skin, leaving it soft and supple.


Nourishing Body Lotion

Just like the Body Wash, the Nourishing Body Lotion also contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter and Geranium essential oil. It is free from mineral oil. It is non-greasy and non-sticky. It is a thin liquid which spreads easily and gets immediately absorbed in the skin. It leaves the skin hydrated and well nourished. The smooth and soft feeling on the skin lasts for a very long time.

The products are to be applied in very little quantity and their effect lasts longer, thus they become cost friendly. All in all, I found the products very appealing and pocket friendly.

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#Momspiration: From the Heart of a Son


Moms are the greatest pillars of our lives. Whenever we are going through the low tides in our lives, we look upto them for support and strength. The dark passages in our lives are always lit up by their teachings. Moms never fail to inspire us. With their struggles, experiences, strengths and wisdom, they are always able to pull us up from the bottoms of the deepest miseries. They are the ones who always encourage us to look up and reach the skies.

Not only our own mothers, but every mother is extremely special and an equally miraculous creation of God. Every mother has her own unique journey of struggles and strengths. This Mother’s Day, I came across a very special story of a mother whom I always knew closely but never knew so much. The story comes from the heart of her son for whom she is an inspiration. Therefore, for this year’s #Mother’s Day and #Momspiration here is a special story from a son’s “dil se”.

My aunt got married at a very young age. Born and brought up in India, she moved abroad after her marriage. The shift was not only in terms of a country but an entirely different continent, an entirely different culture and a foreign language. With dreams in her heart of becoming an entrepreneur and support and encouragement from her husband, she opened a wool shop. After a couple of years, she transformed it into a video rental store. It was a very new business at that time in the early 80’s and she was the first one to open it in the area they lived in. She is a business visionary with constant successful ideas.

The Challenges:

Back in the 70’s, the world was not a cosmopolitan place. It was not easy to adjust into western lifestyle, culture, area and weather conditions. To live far away from her family and childhood friends is a big challenge. She raised 3 children with the help of her husband. In the present modern age, we find it difficult to have more than one child. We find it even more difficult to work outside our homes and give time to our children. But she raised 3 children that too while taking care of her business in a new foreign land. She had no backend support apart from her husband. Unlike nowadays, she did not have anybody from her family to come and live with her or support her in anyway. Despite all this, she remained close to her children.

The Struggle:

In the early 90’s, sky television began to gain popularity. They started having movie channels all day long for 7 days a week. These subscription channels started affecting the movie rentals in video stores. She had to introduce new products in the store to ensure her business doesn’t get affected. She always kept up with latest technology and latest trends. With her great business mind and an eye for details, she could run her business successfully.

A Loving Wife, A Doting Mother and A Constant Inspiration:

She has always stood by her husband and remains close to her kids. She has always encouraged her children to be what they want to be and provided guidance to them. She is extremely determined in everything she does and never gives up. Her positive attitude, patience to listen to everybody along with her wisdom makes her a great inspiration.

A few words written by another very special mother and a very dear friend of mine, Rashmi Anand, in her book, “Women of the Elements” are what I would like to quote here:

Within you is the power
To be all you want to be
Yours is the right to discover
To see all that you wish to see.
You make the ultimate choices
To achieve what you want to achieve,
Yours is the only decision
That guides your thoughts and beliefs.
There is a world you have to experience
There are emotions you must go through,
But through all you have to remember
The ultimate decision is made by you.
You have the spirit within
You have the power in you
The goddess within is the spirit
The ultimate power is you. – Rashmi





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One Mother, Several Roles: Mrs Jaya Bachchan, my #Momspiration


A few years back before I had embraced motherhood, I was working, financially independent, excelling in my work areas. After becoming a mother for the second time, I had no choice but to give up my career. The career where I had achieved remarkable success and I was at the peak of it. Though I was enjoying motherhood but there was something deep down in my heart which used to hurt me. My unfulfilled dreams, my broken wings, my glorious past and victories used to break my heart and bring tears in my eyes.

There were plenty of reasons which barred me to work again. Reasons beyond my control. I felt helpless, shattered to the core. Then I came across the life story of Mrs Jaya Bachchan. I always loved watching Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Mrs Jaya Bachchan’s films during my growing up years. I never recognised Mrs Bachchan as a Mother, for I had always known her as a star. When I came across and read a few articles about her, I was completely awestruck. I couldn’t help myself from admiring her not only for her roles in films now but for the roles she has performed in her real life.

Let’s take a closer look at all the various roles she has performed so far and I am sure you will all agree.

The Bollywood Star

jaya 2

She was a very famous actress at the time when she met Mr Amitabh Bachchan. He had done only a few films till then while she was already a star. They got married to each other and soon after she took a retirement from her glorious acting career. To give up her career was entirely her own decision. “The constant offers of the same kind of cinema did not interest her and that was the sole reason of her leaving showbiz”. In an interview, she had said that “the prospect of having a family and spending time with kids came across as a much interesting option”. (source: TOI)

The Pillar of Strength for her Family

jaya 3

When the rumours were spreading against Mr Bachchan, she stood by his side like a rock. Despite all the controversies the Bachchans have never believed in washing their dirty linen in public. They have always kept their poise in public. She has always trusted her husband completely and never questioned him.

A Doting Mother

In every public family appearances, I have always noticed the love and affection that she has for her children. The way she stands by them, the way she admires them and takes pride in their achievements conveys everything. Her love and affection for her family and children never goes unnoticed.

A Comeback in Films

When her children became grownups, she did a few roles in films where again she left a mark. It gives me encouragement in a way that getting married and having kids is not a dead end of one’s carrier. We can always go back to our careers once our kids are a little older.

Member of the Rajya Sabha

Not only in films and in her personal life, she has proved her mettle in politics. The way she stood and spoke for Nirbhaya and stirred the house for taking an action against the interview of one of the convicts in the Nirbhaya documentary is remarkable. There were tears in her eyes like those of a mother.

jaya 4

I cannot refrain myself from taking an inspiration from each role that she has performed so far. She motivates me and inspires me that this is just a passing phase which I am going through. To all the moms like me, let’s take an inspiration from her. Let’s believe in ourselves. To give up a career is not the be all and end all of life. Every mother and every woman has so many beautiful colours in their personality and with time every colour will shine and prove its worth. So, in this phase of my life my #Momspiration is Mrs Jaya Bachchan, an epitome of grace, poise and elegance.