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  1. Forget Hair Blues with Johnsons Blue Shampoo

    With my toddler growing up fast, I was beginning to worry which shampoo should I use for her. Till now I was using Johnsons Baby Shampoo for her which has no tears formula. I was sceptical of using any other shampoo for her since they might irritate her eyes or might be very strong for her hair. Then I came across Johnsons Active Kids Clean and Fresh Shampoo. It has the same no more tears formula and is made for toddlers. Toddlers tend to be very active and with the summer heat, their hair become very sweaty and stinky. Johnsons Active Kids shampoo cleanses the hair thoroughly and gently. It leaves a very beautiful fragrance in their hair which stays for hours. Toddlers are very playful while bathing and love making bubbles. Therefore, it is very important that their shampoo should be such which does not cause any eye irritation. Johnsons Active Kids shampoo is the perfect shampoo for active toddlers like mine. It forms good lather with small quantity giving enough bubbles to my baby, contains no more tears formula which lets her play as much as she likes and keeps her hair scented all day long.  Totally worth the price and a definite recommendation from my side.

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  2. A Complete Kit for the Complete Baby Care

    Johnsons Baby Care Collection 11-piece kit brings to us all the essentials of baby care. The beautiful packaging makes it a best gift for a new mother. It has Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Top to Toe Wash, Baby Powder, Baby Cream, Baby Hair Oil, Baby wipes, a comb, a romper, a booklet to know what is good for your baby and a Baby book to keep your memories fresh forever.

    One often gets confused when it comes to buying baby care products provided there are so many in the market. Johnson and Johnsons is a brand that we have always trusted as a mother. This baby care collection kit resolves all the confusions and provides all the essentials for the baby in just one kit. We do not need to look any further and choose what to buy and what not to buy.

    It is quite reasonable when it comes to pricing, keeping in mind the number and quantity of products that it has. I would recommend it to all the mothers after using it myself.

    This review was published on and was sponsored by Johnson and Johnsons.     IMG_20170426_100813(1).jpg

3. Pampers New Pants: Extra Comfort with Extra Protection



I have used Pampers Pants for both my kids. With Pampers, there are no leakages neither at night nor throughout the day.  Pampers has always been my favourite diaper brand. They provide comfort to the baby and assurance to me. Pampers Pants are very helpful during the toilet training time and while travelling. It converts liquid into gel and keeps the surface dry and clean. As a result, the baby’s skin is dry. I have hardly ever faced any diaper rashes with Pampers. The New Pampers Pants has extra absorbing channels which helps in absorbing liquid faster. The breathable soft belt and cuffs keeps the baby’s skin fresh even in summers, so no sweat or itching. It has Baby Lotion which protects baby’s skin and keeps it soft. The flexible waist band gives comfort around the waist which allows the baby to sleep comfortably at night. With Pampers’ protection and comfort for my baby, I can sleep peacefully at night.

I have always found it worthy of its price since there is no need to change it frequently. After using it for both my kids, it is highly recommended from my side.


4. One Product with The Benefits of Three



Johnsons Active Clean Laundry Detergent comes in the form of clear liquid. One needs to use very little quantity of it. 5ml Active Clean is sufficient for 5 litres of water. It is very gentle and mild. Harsh detergents often make baby’s clothes very rough. To wash baby’s clothes, we need to dip them separately in a mild liquid detergent, put them in clothes softener and then in an antiseptic liquid to make sure that the clothes are clean, soft and germs free. Sometimes, even after doing all this, tough food stains do not get removed. Johnsons Active Clean Baby Detergent is an answer to all these. It removes tough stains, cleanses the clothes thoroughly and makes them germs free. It is soft and gentle on our hands too. our hands do not get rough after scrubbing the clothes.

With so many benefits, it makes it worth its price.

I am always satisfied as a buyer by Amazon. They deliver the products in time and offer amazing discounts. The packaging ensures that the product is well intact.



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